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Soliloquy & Et Cetera

Waiting for this game is like surgery: it's sooo long and painful. Crap, SE!! Pass this game on to NA, pleeease! D: No matter how many times I listen to the OST, it will not completely satiate my hunger for this game. *Whimpers.* TWEWY came out about a year after it did in Japan, so around summer '09, I'm hoping to at least have some news about this game being translated, ect. I know that the orientation presents some problems, but.. Jeez, they can just switch the way it's held back to normal for English/Spanish/ect. readers, I won't mind. 8D

Anyway, now to the real reason why I've posted.
I google SH often, and recently I've been running into some fanart. Yay! Has anyone else found any fanart; drawn any fanart themselves? I might actually give this drawing gig another try, since I'm already so in love with this game (whilst I have not even played it, lulz. I hope my expectations/hopes aren't getting too high).


I don't have a clue as to why there are donuts...
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